Our Story

DevBhumi Natural Products Producer Company Pvt. Ltd, (DNPPCL) is one of the country’s first producer companies, and also one of the very first in Uttrakhand. DevBhumi is owned by the small and marginal farmers, primarily rural women of Uttarakhand.


Devbhumi Natural Products Producers Co. was formed in 2007 by merging previous two community-owned private limited companies founded in 1996. With the introduction of the Producer Company Act under section |X A in 2006 , This allows for a greater sense of ownership of the enterprise as the bonafide producers are now the shareholders in the company. The organisational structure runs from approximately 800 self-selected Self Help Groups (SHGs)and Producer Groups at the village level ; SHGs and Producer Groups elect members to 12 Valley Associations and Valley Associations elect representatives to 6 District Associations. The Board of Directors of Devbhumi are elected by the District Associations. The Board is responsible for overall policy making and financial stability and employs staff to manage day to day operation
There are 8500 participants who must be bona fide producers; at any one time 5000 producers actively participate in enterprise activities, which includes rearing of cocoons, rearing, spinning and dying of yarn, weaving, bee keeping and dairy, There are around 27 hired staff who manage daily activities.

Awards and Acclaims-

Devbhumi has been the Recipients of ‘best field implementation agency’ by UNDP in 2003, Winners of ‘World Bank Development Market Award’ in 2004, Winners of Citi Foundation award for the best Rural Community Micro Enterprise in 2012.