Organic Honey

DevBhumi certified organic honey comes from the Apis Cerena honeybee indigenous to the high Himalayas of the Uttarkhand state of India. The area is famous for rich floral diversity. The valleys are filled with medicinal mustard and amaranth and the alpine meadows are free of pollution. The beehives include wall hives, log hives and wooden bee boxes that are kept in the high mountain villages.

DevBhumi organic honey is truly free of pesticides and other chemicals. It was the first honey in India to be certified organic in 1996. Organic certification is awarded by the Uttarakhand Organic Certification Agency (USOCA). Phytosanitary parameters are regularly tested by SGS.

In addition to certified organic honey, DevBhumi also markets multi-flora honey and litchi honey. All of our varieties of Devbhumi honey are available in sealed bottles of various sizes.
Multi-Flora and litchi honey are also available in sealed bulk packaging of 65kg.

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