It was the first Honey in India to be certified Organic in 1996.

About Us

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About Us

Devbhumi Natural Products Producers CO. LTD.

Welcome to the inspiring world of Devbhumi Natural Products Producer Company – a visionary farmer producers organization thriving under the benevolent shelter of the Indian Companies Act’s Section 9A. Rooted in time-honored traditions of organic cultivation, our esteemed farmers have transformed into cherished shareholders of DevBhumi, their dedication fueling our journey towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

Our hope is that these backyard hives will facilitate a dialogue among neighbours, friends, family and the community at large about the huge importance of bees.

Within the embrace of over 6000 nurturing households, lies the heartbeat of our spirited economic activities. Here, more than 4000 radiant souls, the epitome of strength and grace, passionately connect with our venture – a testament to the empowering presence of women at the core of our endeavors.

Nestled amidst the remote mountain villages of the upper Himalayas in Garhwal, Uttarakhand, these extraordinary souls are true artisans of life. They craft enchanting yarns, weaving fabrics that speak of ancient wisdom and timeless beauty. With reverence and care, they harvest the purest organic honey from cherished bees, while cultivating spices that carry the essence of the mountains’ magic.

These noble producers seamlessly blend the pursuit of prosperity with the gentle embrace of nature’s wonders. As devoted conservators of the forest and its precious inhabitants, they hold every thread of life in deep respect, weaving a harmonious bond between humanity and the environment. Their journey has been one of transformation – from subsistence to abundance, from traditional practices to embracing modern marvels – all while preserving the rich cultural heritage of their ancestors.


Witnessing this incredible evolution is like savoring a symphony of sustainability. Every note of progress is gracefully composed, resonating with the unique environment and vibrant biodiversity that defines the heart of the Himalayas.


Our sacred abode is graced by the presence of holy shrines like Shri Kedarnath, Tungnath, and Madhmaheshwar, endowing this haven with an aura of serenity and spirituality. Such is the ethereal beauty of this land that it captivates hearts from across the globe.


At Devbhumi, we extend an invitation to join our celestial dance, where tradition and innovation intertwine, and the pulse of life beats in harmony with the soul of the Himalayas. Embrace the beauty, the magic, and the unwavering devotion that are interwoven into every facet of our cherished journey.


In our fervent pursuit of “Conservation through enterprise,” we have extended our benevolent touch to approximately 450 remote hill villages across the districts of Rudraprayag, Chamoli, Uttarkashi, Dehradun, Tehri, and Pauri, gracefully cradled by the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand.


Within the vibrant tapestry of our endeavors, we artfully weave the essence of prosperity, crafting a symphony of production, processing, and the ardent promotion of our farmers’ bountiful yields. Our network stretches far and wide, transcending boundaries, carrying the essence of the mountains to every corner of the nation and beyond.


With unwavering commitment, we strive to bestow our Himalayan treasures with a national and global presence, like fragrant whispers echoing across the world, spreading the message of sustainability, heritage, and the profound significance of preserving the Earth’s delicate balance.


In the cradle of Devbhumi, conservation thrives, nurtured by the tender hands of enterprise, transcending boundaries, carving a legacy for generations to come. Together, we paint a vibrant canvas of a better tomorrow, an eternal ode to the Himalayas’ unwavering grace, where the symphony of transformation is guided by nature’s rhythm, and the pulse of life beats in unison with the soul of the mountains.


Devbhumi Natural Products Producers Co. Ltd. is a company owned by its producers and is unique in its composition and vision. We produce, package and market the highest quality of natural products coming from the Uttarakhand Himalayas.

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